La cotización de WePower (WPR) actualmente es de $0.00836 con un total de capitalización de $5.13 M. El % de variación durante las últimas 24 horas ha devuelto un -0.18% abajo.

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    WePower (WPR)
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WePower is a platform that uses smart contracts in enabling its users to invest and finance green energy projects. It also provides security, efficiency and transparency for users when purchasing green energy. It enables renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own energy tokens. These tokens represent energy they commit to produce and deliver.

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The more renewables are built, the cheaper they become due to R&D and scale benefits. Since 2010, the cost of energy has dropped by 82% for photovoltaic solar, by 39% for onshore wind and by 29% for wind offshore. #greenenergy #renewableenergy #sustainability @lowercarbon

We believe in unlocking the potential that is already there instead of artificially creating a new one. Our mission is to remove obstacles so that everyone can use renewable energy to advance the transition towards a sustainable energy future.

Learn how the most progressive data centers leverage technology to make their energy procurement more flexible and sustainable #sustainability #goinggreen #renewables #datacenters

Our CEO Nick Martyniuk shared his thoughts on how the COVID-19 crisis will help us solve climate warming. All around the world, we have taken strict measures and every new decision is based on and explained using data.
#goinggreen #climate #renewablenergy #sustainability

Four to five years from now, you will look back and acknowledge in confidence that during those chaotic times you made an important decision that later benefitted the company and environment around us. #cleantech #sustainableenergy #ppa #goinggreen #renewableenergy

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