La cotización de TRON (TRX) actualmente es de $0.0180 con un total de capitalización de $1.19 B. El % de variación durante las últimas 24 horas ha devuelto un 2.89% arriba .

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    TRON (TRX)
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  • 24h%
  • Tapa del mercado
    $1.19 B
  • Volumen
    $517.35 M
  • Suministro disponible
    66.14 B TRX
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A blockchain-based open source global digital entertainment protocol that is cross-protocol for digital entertainment.

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This chapter introduced in details how to do asset deposit. Including deposit #TRX, deposit #TRC10, deposit #TRC20, and deposit #TRC721. #TRON $TRX

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Creator JT
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🎉Big congrats to the winners! RETWEET to claim 2.5K $TRX + 2K $DAPPT. We'll reach you via DM soon.

The #GitHub data showed that #TRON's commits clocked in at 1,626. We have always worked hard to produce results in the #cryptocurrency space with the network boasting impressive numbers across the spectrum. #TRX $TRX

⏺️All dApps are trying to catch up with WINk.

⏺️All P2P networks will never catch up with BitTorrent.

⏺️Ethereum is trying to catch up with everything TRON does.

⏺️Nobody knows what's coming next.

Now tell me again that TRON won't succeed.
#TRON #TRX #BTT #BitTorrent #ETH

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