La cotización de Thorecash (ERC-20) (TCH) actualmente es de $0.000596 con un total de capitalización de $0. El % de variación durante las últimas 24 horas ha devuelto un -2.65% abajo.

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    Thorecash (ERC-20) (TCH)
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.@BITMAINtech has retooled its strategy for selling bitcoin miners, betting big that the cryptocurrency’s price will rally with next year's halving.

@WolfieZhao reports.

Miners or node operators have to upgrade their #Ethereum client to the latest version in order to run #Istanbul on Rinkeby, Goerli, and Ropsten. Otherwise, they will remain on an incompatible chain and will not be able to operate on the post-upgrade Ethereum network


Ethereum has officially forked for Istanbul at block 9,069,000.

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