La cotización de Numeraire (NMR) actualmente es de $6.020 con un total de capitalización de $25.43 M. El % de variación durante las últimas 24 horas ha devuelto un -2.73% abajo.

  • numeraire
    Numeraire (NMR)
  • Precio en vivo
  • 24h%
  • Tapa del mercado
    $25.43 M
  • Volumen
  • Suministro disponible
    4.23 M NMR
  • Rango

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A global artificial intelligence tournament to predict the stock market.

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@rationalexpec If the contest is well designed, it can prevent overfitting. For example, consider @numerai: (1) they obfuscate the datasets; (2) researchers never receive the y-array of the testing set; (3) researchers must stake money to receive an award. How could selection bias take place?

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